Courage and struggle of a historical slave.

Gabriel, commonly known as Gabriel Prosser, this historical figure was a slave who planned to lead a large rebellion in the State of Virginia the summer of 1800. Some scholars believed that the revolt was leaked prior to its execution, and pay with his life for his actions. The young slave Gabriel and several members of the intended revolt were hanged by the Virginia authorities. Soon after this incident, the State of Virginia legislature passed a number of restrictions, regarding free blacks.

There are some speculation about Gabriel origin, it is believed he was raised en the Caribbean, possibly in Cuba, Hispaniola or Porto Rico, before he was borough in to United States as slave. Some say he was a charismatic and talented man, who also learned or was aware of the French Revolution and the Haitian slave revolts of 1793, lead by former slave Toussaint L’Ouverture, the man who declare of abolition in the entire island of Saint Domingue.

The slave revolt planning by Gabriel took place in the summer of 1800, when the Governor James Monroe was the official leader of Virginia, Monroe a owner of plantation and slaves holder himself was strong on his views and determination about slavery. Governor Monroe determine that speed was necessary, acted quickly and Gabriel was capture, prosecuted and sentenced to dead, some said the he was a tall man of about 6 foot and 2 inches, 24 years of age, a the time he was hanged.

Liberty or Dead, the slave leader proclaimed, as he challenged the Slavery Code or the Negro Code the basically estate the slaves of the African race did not have rights to freedom or education.

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