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AMBUSHED AND RIDDLED. The assassination of a fierce dictator.



Book about the assassination of dictator Rafael L.Trujillo.

“Ambushed and Riddled” is a story or the ambush took place on May 30, 1961, episode that changed forever the Dominican society. The nature of Trujillo’s regime and the complexity of the conspiracy led to discrepancies among scholars as this subject is discussed.

“Ambushed and Riddled. The assassination of a fierce dictator” is a recreation intended to approach aspects related to the death of the fierce Dominican ruler. The work is a chronology, of the dictator schedule on May 30, 1961, based on accounts and testimonies; also reveal that Trujillo and his family knew about the conspiracy, but did nothing to avoid the tragedy.

The book explore the dictator private and public wake and funeral, it is a suspense thriller from the moment of the ambush to the strong man, to his burial, the story capture the reader imagination at all times.


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